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Now that the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are over and a fond memory, I’d like to share a few comments. The 4 years of targeted preparation and training for this day has been a wild ride of ups and downs. All the blood sweat and tears came together on August 18-19, 2016 to compete at my second Olympic Games. With a 16th place finish overall, there was much to be proud of, but always room for improvement – such is the nature of a 5 discipline sport. I couldn’t be more honoured to represent the exceptional team of Olympic coaches who prepared me to perform at my best when it mattered:

John Hawes: my head coach 8 years and counting, swimming/shooting specialist, overall mentor, guiding me through 2 Olympic Games and always my #1 coffee date

Paul ApSimon: my fencing coach extraordinaire who transformed my game into something that my opponents fear and instigated my passion for this event

Rick Maynard: my riding coach who can always inspire a competitive ride when it matters most by instilling confidence in me in the ever stressful 20 minute warm up

Jaime Trick: my amazing physiotherapist who keeps me at my best and will always laugh or cry with me on the therapy table

There are so many invaluable people that have supported me and my coaching team from home to get us to Rio:

Mike Woods: Running Coach (and 2016 Olympian in Road Cycling)
Carl Neinhuis: Mental Performance Specialist
John Zahab: Strength & Conditioning
Jeff McKessock: Riding Coach

Below are some of my favourite pictures from the Olympic competition:

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